Our Comprehensive Services

Over the years, Cumming Capital Management has strategically expanded our services to include more than just typical investment and asset management. We believe in approaching your family’s portfolio holistically and leveraging solutions specifically chosen to meet your unique needs.

“ The best way to measure your investing success is not by whether you’re beating the market but by whether you’ve put in place a financial plan and a behavioral discipline that are likely to get you where you want to go. ”
Benjamin Graham

  • Investment Services

    Our dedicated team is constantly looking for unique market opportunities. We use flexible investment strategies to take advantage of any offering that may come across our desks. From direct business deals to public market investments and fund investing, we have a variety of strategies to grow your wealth.

  • Personal Asset Management

    Personal assets such as homes, planes, or boats, are meant to be enjoyed. While our level of involvement varies from family to family, our team can help manage and maintain these investments day to day.

  • Governance & Risk Management

    We believe that good governance is the best way to mitigate risk. Let our team work with your family to analyze your assets, identify areas of risk, and implement best practices and policies for asset management and ownership.

  • Trust Services

    Careful planning can help prepare your family for significant transactions and transfers of wealth between generations. Our office in the tax-friendly state of Wyoming is uniquely suited to establish and maintain your family’s trusts. We offer a variety of unique trust management structures to govern your assets, while still letting your family provide direction.

    Foundation Management

    Let us help determine the most effective way to meet your family’s philanthropic goals. We have experience with private foundations, public charities including donor advised funds, and assisting families when sponsoring and investing in program related and impact investments.

    Accounting & Reporting

    Let us take care of your day-to-day accounting and reporting, giving you the opportunity to focus on long-term decision making. We work with you and your family to develop a custom, highly vetted, internal control structure that enables us to handle your accounting, bill pay, record keeping, and financial and asset performance reporting.

    Tax Planning & Strategy

    Taxes are constantly changing. Cumming Capital Management can help you significantly grow and maintain wealth for multiple generations. Our team can implement the most efficient tax structures across a wide range of service types including personal tax, business taxes, real estate property tax, trust and foundation tax, sales tax, and tax compliance for aviation and nautical assets.

    Estate Planning

    Make the most of your multi-generational goals. With your direction, our team of professionals can engage as you wish - advising, generating new ideas, or providing structured plans to meet your unique needs.


    Focus on the things that matter most, while our team stays on top of the details. We have experience managing aviation assets, nautical assets, real estate, household employees, and the legal and compliance risk that accompanies them.

    “ Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing. ”
    Warren Buffett

    Looking for a family office that better understands your needs?

    Cumming Capital Management was created by and for families with needs that span personal, professional, and philanthropic needs.