Building Sustainable Prosperity

Your family deserves the best when it comes to preserving and growing your wealth. With over 50 years of collective experience, Cumming Capital Management is here to care for and secure your family’s future for generations to come.

Who We Are

Looking forward, backed by years of experience

Cumming Capital Management was founded by Ian Cumming and his two sons, John and David. Tasked with the management and growth of the family estate, the Cumming family created a single-family office in 2008. The portfolio has since grown to include other families’ assets and partnership investment opportunities. In turn, the service offerings and team have expanded to meet the unique needs of your family and help you achieve your goals.

“ We don’t tell people what we are going to do, we tell them what we have done. ”
Ian Cumming

What We Do

A true family office, built to support families

Managing wealth is more than just allocating assets or providing an investment strategy. While we do help each family grow and maintain their investment portfolio, we understand that it takes more to build a legacy that future generations can appreciate. That is why we believe in a more holistic advisory strategy paired with customized investment solutions.

  • Investment Services

    Our dedicated team is constantly looking for unique market opportunities. We use flexible investment strategies to take advantage of any offering that may come across our desks. From direct business deals and industry specific funds, to public market investments, we have a variety of strategies to grow your wealth.

  • Asset Management

    Let Cumming Capital Management help manage and maintain your family’s assets so you can make the most of them while confidently knowing everything is under control.

  • Governance and Risk Management

    Let our team help your family establish and implement best practices for personal and investment assets.. With years of experience, we’re ready to help you minimize risk while maximizing outcomes.

  • Trust Services

    Our team understands the complexities many families encounter when setting up and administering a trust. We leverage Wyoming’s favorable trust environment, provide flexible governance options, and accommodate varying levels of involvement to suit the needs of different families and help with transitions of wealth between generations.

    Other Services

    • Foundation Management
    • Accounting & Reporting
    • Tax Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Concierge

    “ The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well. ”
    John D. Rockefeller

    How We’re Different

    We understand the complexities of family wealth.

    We understand that wealth management doesn't only mean managing your investments. We take a more holistic approach, helping with personal assets, trust creation, and the legal and financial impacts that occur with multi-generational wealth management.