Our People

We seek people who are honest, hardworking, and smart - in that order. - Ian Cumming

At Cumming Capital Management, our team confronts new challenges daily. We search for people who have an insatiable appetite for learning. While we believe hard work is innate, intelligence is developed through constantly challenging the status quo.

Investment Committee

  • John Cumming

    John Cumming

    Co-Chairman, Investment Committee

  • David Cumming

    David Cumming

    Co-Chairman, Investment Committee

  • Paul Rowsey

    Paul Rowsey

    Independent Advisor, Investment Committee

  • Matt Ireland

    Matt Ireland

    Co-CEO, Managing Director

  • Colby Rollins

    Colby Rollins

    Co-CEO, Managing Director

Wyoming Office

  • Cathy Handley

    Cathy Handley


  • Jess Grant

    Jess P. Grant

    Tax Director, Controller

  • Adam Casady

    Adam Casady

    Accounting Manager

  • Anthony Gulla

    Anthony Gulla


  • Suzi Mateosky

    Suzi Mateosky


Utah Office

  • Maria Guarnieri

    Maria A. Guarnieri

    Chief of Staff

  • Patrick Egbert

    Patrick Egbert


  • Jason Stowell

    Jason Stowell


  • Natalie Nicholson

    Natalie Nicholson

    Senior Executive Assistant

  • Andrew McGavin

    Andrew McGavin


  • Jacob Cline

    Jacob Cline


  • Wayne Fletcher

    Wayne Fletcher

    Corporate Services

  • Nic Weiss

    Nic Weiss

    Corporate Services

  • Rachel Wentz

    Rachel Wentz

    Administrative Assistant to John Cumming

  • Luke Jacobsen

    Luke Jacobson

    Real Estate Analyst Intern

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We’re always looking for dedicated people to join our growing team. Take a look at our current openings to see if there is a good fit. Or send us a message to inquire about general positions.

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