Investment Solutions That Look Ahead

Our team is here to help determine your unique needs, clarify long term objectives, and build an individually selected investment portfolio that provides the best possible return.

Plus, our holistic approach to investment management means we also provide in-depth performance tracking and analysis so we can help implement strategic direction, and make recommendations on the best course of action for your investments.

As a family office, we have the flexibility to offer a wide range of investment options to meet your family’s needs and goals.

  • Direct Equity

    Our office has decades of experience in partnering with private companies. Our ownership involvement can range from a minority position to a 100% equity purchase. Additionally, we offer strategic management, board participation, and consulting services to help these investments thrive in their respective markets.

  • Credit

    We offer lines of credit to facilitate growth and working capital. We also offer a variety of other credit services, including mezzanine debt, long term loans, letters of credit, and guarantees on financing.

  • Public Markets

    Many times, wealthy families diversify through traditional investment options. We will build a customized portfolio of both industry specific funds, individual stock, or bond purchases that meet your needs.

  • Real Estate

    Similar to our direct equity investments, we can participate in real estate as a minority partner or finance entire real estate projects. We offer a mix of equity and lending options to facilitate successful projects.

  • 3rd Party Managers

    When a broader investment strategy is desired, we partner with 3rd party managers who have deep industry expertise and provide us with distinct portfolio exposure.

Long Term Value Creation

Our team leverages investment fundamentals over long periods of time to help your family build sustaining wealth.

  • Our team leverages investment fundamentals over long periods of time to help your family build sustaining wealth.

  • Our long-term investment horizon allows us to deploy capital, make decisions, and manage assets, without the need to manage an exit based on timing or changing market conditions.

  • We provide comprehensive investing solutions or al-la-carte investment services.

Our Investment Portfolio

Cumming Capital Management has acquired and managed a wide range of investments throughout our history. Below is a sample of those investments.

  • Marriott Provo
  • Teveri
  • Snowbird
  • Ready Store
  • Powdr
  • Paylock
  • MTI Metal Technology
  • Linkem
  • Kroll
  • Innovative Precision
  • E Sens
  • Divvy
  • Crimson Wine Group
  • City Brew
  • Monaco Enterprises

How We’re Different

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